Court requests British Citizen 18 months old to leave the UK  

December 2013 the Immigration Court in Bradford made the decision that my son 18 months old ASTIN a British Subject should return to the mothers home country and cannot stay with me albeit I am disabled retired, I own my own home and do not request any money from public funds.

In the March of 2013 an application was made to the UK Border Agency for my wife, who was in the UK on a 6 month visa to be able to extend her stay, due to me having medical problems and also being disabled.

Due to an unforeseen medical problem I cannot return to my wife’s home country, an application for an extension has been made so my family could stay with me.

The initial request for visa extension was declined by the UK Border Agency; so an application to the courts was made.

In December of 2013 Bradford Immigration Court deemed it was suitable for mother and child to return to their home country without the father.

I am a British subject as my father before me so was my mother. My son Astin is also a British subject, my wife is from Thailand we have been together 4 years and married. I am disabled with a broken back and retired from Lecturing due to having ME & COPD. I have my own home and a private pension and do not request money from any social services.
The home country not only being a developing country, it is also currently experiencing political and social unrest. With the capital city being closed down and daily street riots. I fear for the safety of my wife and child, having spent thousands now on lawyers it now stands that she must return with child as I would be unable to care of the baby in my state of health alone.

I have never been separated from my wife and child, we are a family and live in our own home in the UK.

Having worked most of my life as a Lecturer and done my best for society, as did my parents before me. I now find that the land of my birth is forcing me to sell up and move to another country if I want to be with my son and wife as a family.

Is this how the Government treats its citizens to justify that they are doing something about immigration?

As a last resort my Lawyer has advised that I make an application using the "Ruling of Ruiz Zambrano". I am appealing for any advice or help to correct this problem and would be welcomed. We are very grateful for all your support and wishes so far.